Heinz S.O.S. Tomatoes

Gut Agency - 2023
A Fortnite map that mirrors the speed of soil degradation in the real world.

Cannes lions 2023
Shortlist - Entertainment Lions For Gaming
Clube de Criação Brasil
Silver - Digital / Game

Soil degradation is killing tomatoes faster than you think and that compromises the future of ketchup. Help protect millions of them by playing Heinz's Fortnite Island - an island that portrays the rapid rate at which soil health is declining in the real world.Playing in the virtual world will have a positive impact on the real world, with Heinz helping to protect an extra 13.5M m2 of soil (equating to more than 1600 football pitches).

Case Study

"Heinz is using Fortnite to spread its sustainability message to gamers."

Film teaser:


Fortnite live stream on launch day


earned impression

U$ 14MM

in earned media

+ 100MM

Fortnite  players impact

Films Launch:
The launching took place in different countries, such as US, UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Poland and Canada, but the commotion spread among players worldwide causing a variety of reactions. Some hated our map for being too fast, some loved the challenge, but all of them learned something about how fast soil destruction is happening. And we edited those reactions in social short contents, of course.

"A groundbreaking concept"

Fortnite map:
If you did not have the opportunity to play Heinz map, you can check a little bit of it here. We developed an entire island from scratch using Fortnite creative mode. Take a look.

"A battle worth fighting"

During the campaign, Heinz also ran special OOHs around the world. We took the conversation to the streets too to engage more people on the game and also on sustainability.

Couting OOHs
A counter billboard displayed in real time the amount of players that already had join the fight against soil destruction.

Thanks OOHs:
On London and Manchester we also directly thanked some of the players for joining us on this important run.

Id VIsual:
And here is the visual identity developed during the process to reinforce the threat to the future of tomatoes, ketchup and mankind.

ECDs: Bruno Brux e Murilo Melo
Creative Directors: Gabi Marcatto e Diego Ferrite
Creatives: Phillipe Santos, Airton Dias e Wallyson de Oliveira

Tour de Terre

A sustainable and new alternative to getting NFTs.
Gut Agency - 2022

Clio Awards 2023
Shortlist - Design Craft / Illustration
The One Show 2023
Shortlist - Interactive & Mobile Craft
Shortlist - Design
Andy awards
Shortlist - Idea Craft
Clube de Criação Brasil
In book - Art Direction

Every NFT transaction has a strong impact on the environment. To give you an idea, one day of these transactions consumes the same energy as Times Square does every day. To present a sustainable solution to this global problem, and open conversations about the north of the NFTs in the world, CompassUOL created the "cryptobike by compass”. An app that uses blockchain technology to turn bike ride data into NFTs. To launch the platform, we also created the Tour de Terre. A challenge that can be cycled around the world. And it works like a competition: every time you reach one of the milestones on the platform, you conquer one of the 4 NFTs that celebrate every part of the environment.

Different from the Tour de France – that inspired us –, on Tour de Terre there are no territory limits. Anyone, anywhere in the world, whether on asphalt, on the bike path or at the most remote points of beaten ground, is invited to exchange polluting means of transport for the bike and pedal for the planet. Ultimately, we connect state-of-the-art technologies to generate NFTs that are excellent rewards for the important gesture of contributing to sustainability.

Design solution:
We use the most sustainable transport in the world as the central icon of our visual work: the bicycle. In it, elements of nature that suffer from global warming: Rocks, glaciers, flowers and corals.  

Since this was a campaign with an awareness goal, the best response we had from our target was the consumption of the campaign content. The campaign has been seen by more than 3.5million people, adding more than 5 million views, and 150 thousand  clicks. The general view through rate was 25% above brand average and 5% bigger than sector benchmark.


nft’s were generated


registered bike rides


km have been cycled so far

80.5 tons

of carbon were not released into the environment

ECD: Bruno Brux, Murilo Melo
Creative Directors: Rainor Marinho, Murilo Santos, Juliana Utsch, Sofia Calvit
Creatives: Rafael Kaminart, Wally Oliveira
Social Creative: Carol Ribeiro

Film: Mol
Audio: Carbono Sound Lab
3D: Yellow Melo

Colorado Tarsila

The beer that is the fruit of Brazilian art
Africa - 2022

Just like the Week of Modern Art in 1922, which "awakened" the country to create authentically Brazilian art, Colorado also seeks inspiration by looking within Brazil. Therefore, on the centenary of the Week, we transformed the "Vendedor de Frutas" - an iconic painting by Tarsila do Amaral, which helped revolutionize national art - into a beer that is the result of Brazilian art. Colorado Tarsila: From the oil on the canvas to the glass on the table.

Creative Team: Alexandre Giampaoli, Humberto Cunha, Rafael Kaminart, Raphael Santos, Wally Oliveira.

0303 Skol

Skol transforms telemarketing call numbers into discount coupons.
Gut - 2023

If you are Brazilian, you can check your cell phone. We know that you've already received many telemarketing calls with random numbers. Of couse, they try a many tricks. It’s just as well, since 2022, you can identify telemarketing calls if they start with 0303.

But let's face it, no one can handle this every day anymore. That's why Skol has converted telemarketing call numbers into discount coupons to redeem for Skol products.


CCO: Bruno Brux
ECDs: Murilo Melo e Tiago Abreu
Creative Director: Diego Ferrite, Gabi Marcatto, Julia Mota e Lucas Adam
Creatives: Wally de Oliveira, Luana SIlva, Alpho Ramsay, Gabriel Marcondes e Rafael Kaminart
Social Creatives: Carolina Souza, Clécius Gonzaga

Film: Nuv&m
Audio: Carbono Sound Lab
3D: Vinícius Lavor

Reroute Skol

The service that diverts cars from the streets of bars to make more room for fun.
Gut Agency - 2023

Cannes lions 2023
Shortlist - Brand Experience & Activation

40% of sidewalks in São Paulo don't meet legal width requirements. If you're a bar owner in a fancy part of town, you can apply for this thing called a parklet. 74% of bar owners who installed one reported an increase in sales. But if you're in a low-income area, a smaller sidewalk means fewer customers. So Skol decided to democratize access to extended sidewalks using algorithms.

We created a hack to fool navigation apps and diverts cars from the streets of bars with tiny sidewalks, leaving it free and safer for bar goers, and opening more space for bar owners. The trick? A bike with 100 phones reporting "blocked road" simultaneously.We made this service available to small bar owners, but everyone could join the hack with their mobiles. For the first time small bar got much bigger: in space, profit, fun and also safety.

Case Study

"That was great! We sold 30% more than usual."


"My bar had around 80 seats. Now it's going to multiply."


Film Launch:




people reached





ECDs: Bruno Brux e Murilo Melo
Creative Directors: Gabi Marcatto, Diego Ferrite, Rainor Marinho e Murilo Santos
Creatives: Rafael Kaminart, Wallyson de Oliveira, Paulo Damasceno e Tom Vouga