0303 Skol

Skol transforms telemarketing call numbers into discount coupons.
Gut - 2023

If you are Brazilian, you can check your cell phone. We know that you've already received many telemarketing calls with random numbers. Of couse, they try a many tricks. It’s just as well, since 2022, you can identify telemarketing calls if they start with 0303.

But let's face it, no one can handle this every day anymore. That's why Skol has converted telemarketing call numbers into discount coupons to redeem for Skol products.


CCO: Bruno Brux
ECDs: Murilo Melo e Tiago Abreu
Creative Director: Diego Ferrite, Gabi Marcatto, Julia Mota e Lucas Adam
Creatives: Wally de Oliveira, Luana SIlva, Alpho Ramsay, Gabriel Marcondes e Rafael Kaminart
Social Creatives: Carolina Souza, Clécius Gonzaga

Film: Nuv&m
Audio: Carbono Sound Lab
3D: Vinícius Lavor