Tour de Terre

A sustainable and new alternative to getting NFTs.
Gut Agency - 2022

Clio Awards 2023
Shortlist - Design Craft / Illustration
The One Show 2023
Shortlist - Interactive & Mobile Craft
Shortlist - Design
Andy awards
Shortlist - Idea Craft
Clube de Criação Brasil
In book - Art Direction

NFTs, the hottest subject of 2022, have a big effect on Earth's Climate: one simple transaction consumes as much energy as a US household in 9 days. So we created a sustainable alternative to this problem: Tour de Terre by Cryptobike. A platform that uses blockchain technology to transform pedaling data into NFTs. This means that we use the NFT's to reduce the carbon effects caused by the NFT's. 

Design solution:
We use the most sustainable transport in the world as the central icon of our visual work: the bicycle. In it, elements of nature that suffer from global warming: Rocks, glaciers, flowers and corals.  

Since this was a campaign with an awareness goal, the best response we had from our target was the consumption of the campaign content. The campaign has been seen by more than 3.5million people, adding more than 5 million views, and 150 thousand  clicks. The general view through rate was 25% above brand average and 5% bigger than sector benchmark.


nft’s were generated


registered bike rides


km have been cycled so far

80.5 tons

of carbon were not released into the environment

ECD: Bruno Brux, Murilo Melo
Creative Directors: Rainor Marinho, Murilo Santos, Juliana Utsch, Sofia Calvit
Creatives: Rafael Kaminart, Wally Oliveira
Social Creative: Carol Ribeiro

Film: Mol
Audio: Carbono Sound Lab
3D: Yellow Melo